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Open Play

Join one of our Open Play sessions and enjoy the playground for as long as you like. No booking required!

Open Play is available Wed to Friday from 4 - 8PM. Weekends are for private parties only.

Please call 617-466-0142 before visiting because we might have a private event or rental.

Boston Playground Open Play
Boston Playground Open Play

Who Can Play

Open play is available for ages 0 - 7, but we encourage parents to join in too!

Boston Playground Open Play Kids


Age 2 - 7.


Boston Playground Open Play Infants


Age 0 - 2.

1st Free

Boston Playground Open Play Adults


Must accompany a child.


Additional infants are $3 each. At least one $12 admission is required.

As The Playground is available for private parties 7 days a week, there's a chance that the space will be closed for a party when you plan to visit. Please call ahead at 617-466-0142 before your visit to check availability.

Have you signed our waiver? All participants entering the playground will need to have a parent/guardian sign a waiver for them before they go in.

Before You Visit

Weekends are for private parties only. Open Play Wed - Fri from 4 - 8PM.

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